Saturday, November 29, 2008

Catching Up on 2008 Pics...(Part 1)

Finally I got another blog post up! Here are some pictures from 2008 (so far) to catch up.

This is me, Gaston, and LeFou in the musical Beauty and the Beast that I got to be in in April as the fishman in town, and also an enchanted rug (in the castle :)) It was a ton of fun!

This is just me singing in a choir concert....

Also in April, Billy and I got to hike up Castle Rock with the Browers!

Charity got baptized in May by Papa Travis!

Jilleen had the opportunity to go down to Atlanta for some conference thingy-ma-jig... And she was on CNN and everything...what a surprise! haha Now Jilleen is in New York pursuing her dreams and being famous in every single way :)

Here are some random pictures from the "Manly Moore Men" outting:

(^This is the tree that Joseph fell off of about 2 minutes later...haha^)

The above picture is at Pirate's Cove, a really fun water park for little kids. It was grrrrrreat!
We had the opportunity to spend the 4th of July at the GMoores and Watsons in Bountiful. This is Collin holding a sparkler during the show that Travis and Golden put on for us. It was awesome! We also played a game (I forgot what is is called), but you throw a rope with a ball on each end, and try to get it onto a pole shelf. If was fun!

The next week after the 4th of July celebration, mostly everyone went back to Colorado except for Mom and I- We stayed at Barbara and Trevor's house and I went down to Murray/West Valley City every day for EFY...and it was THE BEST ever! I met some really good friends there and had a lot of good experiences that built my testimony a lot better!

Some friends and I went to a rally in Colorado Springs. You may not be able to see it very well, but in the distance is John McCain and his wife Cindy (the one with the green and orange on {hard to miss :)}). It was fun to see John McCain and Sarah Palin, even from a distance!
(Too bad they lost.)
Part Two is coming later....