Friday, February 29, 2008


In December, some of the family had the AMAZING opportunity to go to Hawaii to see Joseph's senior recital and also his graduation, but it was also nice to get away...especially to HAWAII!!! For Dad, Mom, Jilleen, and I, we left on the 7th of December and got back the 17th (just in time for finals! Haha). But we all had an amazing experience over there. At first, it was just Mom, Dad, Jilleen, Liz, and Joseph and I, but then a few days later, Barbara, Abby, Grandma, and Grandpa surprised Joseph (kind of. I kind of accidentally said something...). Then shortly after, Kathryn and Trevor showed up! It turned out to be the best trip EVER! Joseph did an amazing job with his recital (of course) and it was a ton of fun! Here are some random pics that sum up the trip

This was at Joseph and Elizabeth's choir concert, that was amazing! They are the best choir EVER! I don't remember these people's names, but they are famous, and Joseph loves them a lot!
When we went to Hukilau beach with grandma and grandpa! This is one of MY favorite beaches and we got some good boogey-boarding waves there. I LOVE HUKILAU! We even named one of our cars after that amazing place!
This is the kitchen of the place that we stayed... I had to add this picture cause its a really cool pic! This was at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and it was definately one of the funnest things about going! More at the PCC...we all got tattoos, they were awesome!This was at Joseph's graduation. It was AWESOME!

This picture was taken at the outside church that we went to (on the 2nd sunday). It was a cool chapel and a cool church building!...And of course Barb and Abby had matching Mumus bought at the swap meet!!!!

This is at Pearl Harbor. This place was so cool, because you coul tell Grandpa was extra silent in honor. It was also cool at the punchbowl when Grandpa showed us where he was in the war on the big maps on the walls. I am glad that Gma and Gpa came!I think this was at Hukilau... This was EVERYONE! Hawaii was one of the best experiences of my life, and I loved every factor to it and every little thing that happened, because is was just SOOOO amazing! I am so grateful for Mom and Dad for giving us that awesome opportunity! I LOVE HAWAII!!!

To be continued...